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tolmie terrapin press has just released our ‘doomsday boxed set’ !

it is a 3-tape box with fancy homemade mole paper and inserts.the tapes * ‘exist’ / our long lost songs finally on tape, sludge pop album - light purple tapes, blue labels, with lyric sheet so you can sing along.* ‘pluckers’ / g. mole’s sad, quiet fingerplucked songs on top of recordings of the rta - red tapes with green sticker.* ‘x’ / cassette single of brutal, stagnent noize, white tapes with yellow label, plus the 3-part wendigo poem.
- while supplies last, you can purchase one here :

- you can also just get the ‘exist’ tape by itself here :

 - more info at ttp website :

* listen :